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July 1, 2006


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Samani duo's Chaturmas in New Jersey  - Samani Muddit Pragyaji & Sangh Pragyaji will  arrived New Jersey in March 2006. They will have their chaturmas in Tri-state area.  Requests are pouring in for Samanijis' visits  to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and other neighboring states. Their stay in USA will be till the end of  November 2006. Please Contact Mr. Samaniji (732) 404-1340 for more information

Mahavir Jayanti Program in New Jersey -   International Jain Sangh,   celebrated 2600th Mahavir Jayanti .  The program will start with Lord Mahavir Puja and than by Namskar Mantra by Samaniji Muddit Pragyaji & Sangh  Pragyaji. 

International Religions Convention in Nepal -  Kathmandu, Nepal - Over 600 delegates from 40 countries, representing 11 religions joined the convention .  The convention was blessed by Muni Kamal and Moh Vijay. Dr. Laxmimal Singhvi represented Jains from India, Shri Nemu Chandaria of Institute of Jainalogy from United Kingdom and Shri Hulas Golechha, President, Jain Parishad from Nepal. His Highness King Virendra Vir Vikram addressed the convention in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Dr. Singhvi present auspicious gift to Prince Philips of Britain on behalf of Jains.  Representatives from Israel were highly surprised and impressed by life style of Jain Sadhus and made a short film covering daily activities of Muni Kamal & Moh Vijay.

Siddhachalam is organizing several camps during summer under the supervision of different Monks & Jain scholars. For detailed information click on the USA database located at bottom of this page.

Jain Sangh Pennsauken (Cherry Hill) organizes several programs - almost every week. For complete listing,  contact Mr. Kirti Shah, President at (609)983-2974 for more details

Prayushan & Das Lakshan Programs Jain Vishwa Bharati of North America, Inc. (JVBNA) (with full cooperation from International Jain Sangh) will organize a 18 days long "Paryushan and Das Laxana" celebration in central New Jersey (in Edison) from. Sanwatsari Pratikraman will also be held . Samanijis and will address the  programs during all 18 days. Amrendra Muni, and other several Jain Sadhus, Sadhvis and Scholars are also expected to join the programs.

Jain Study Circle conducts quarterly meetings in New York area. To attend the meetings or for further information, Contact Mr. Harshad Doshi at (718) 961-7408

Aadhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Mehrauli, New Delhi, India will conduct several Prekshadhyan camps during 2000 & 2001. For information, Contact Mr. Dharmanand at Delhi Phone (11) 6802708 or by Fax (11) 6803678.

Editors Choice - Best Jain Web Site - The web site maintained by Professor Malaiya is a mini encyclopedia about Jainism, Jain Thirths, History and Jain Calendar with links to hundreds Jain sites. To visit Professor Malaiya's web site PLEASE CLICK HERE .

Editor's View : We noticed that Jains are eager to know more and more about Jainism. People are very much interested to hear visiting Scholars, Sadhus, Sadhvis, Bhattaraks, Samans & Samanis and attend their programs. But there is no central place, where latest information about these programs can be obtained. Till now, it is word of mouth mostly. While there are some private programs (admission strictly by invitation), there are several programs, where all are welcome to join. We request the organizers of such programs to send us details of program, date, time, place (City, State & Country) and a Contact Phone number & e-mail address. We will try to publish in our next update (subject to editing and space limit), So the community can get maximum benefit. Please use e-mail or fax listed bellow. We will try to accommodate all news received by Thursday evening 

Database of up coming Jain Programs  - We keep a   database for upcoming Jain Programs. Click here to access it. Programs are listed in Countries, States and dates order.  

Organizers of Jain Programs

- Please e-mail to Jain News a brief detail of Program, City & State and a contact phone number to help us server Jain Community better. This database is updated every Saturday. If you do not want to miss a program of your interest, Please DO NOT forget to visit this site every Sunday Morning. To have your programs included in this database, please follows the guidelines at the bottom of this web page.

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